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The theme of this edition, flourishing, is something that many of us are feeling called to embrace and nurture. Flourishing is a kind of "weaving" and a space of deeper understanding that everyone (including you) is actually in the process of unfolding and learning....learning! To this end, there are several resources in the catalog, and in development, to help support individuals and organizations alike.

Featuring the books, services, and inspiration from our members, this publication is designed as a resource for individuals, organizations, schools, and community agencies desiring to promote human well-being and a kinder humanity.

Flourishing begins within each of us; inside each of our hearts and through our willingness to co-create the good, the beautiful, and the sacred, each and every day.

All the things that said no

While working on this poem and thinking about "all the things that said no" (e.g. rejections and re-directions), my heart began to lighten.

It is common to take things personally and to feel depreciated and unworthy; it is an inherent part of our shared human journey, after all! However, if we step outside of the drama and can begin to see the circumstances of our lives from 10,000 feet up in the air (what my friend Crystal calls the "hot air balloon of awareness"), we can see the glorious perfection and harmony-- and why things unfold exactly as they do.


All the things that said no

Meandering like a round river, circulating, hiking, leading, centering,
the gardens of my dreams,
which I began to build, long ago, I gently inventory all the things that said no;
all the things that directed my soul.

Condolences accepted
and released for their own blessing,
simpler gardens I dreamed.

My daughters were with me, seeds and watering cans in hand, they planted and watered with me— farmers of life, we were and still are, intimately knowing the rhythm of things and the storms that yank or test our deepest roots.

The gift of all the things that said no, is one beyond earthly price or measure,
gratefully beholding the wealth of our harvest,  we say yes to ourselves.


©2019 Mayra Porrata, Until it happens to you
Soul Publishing Group


Until it happens to you

This title, image, and book cover were created about 7 years ago. That is how long it has taken me to sit still, long enough, to allow these words to write themselves through me.

Much to my surprise, Until it happens to you is a  book of poetry; a collection of selected poems (33 or so) that illuminate the jagged, painful, and circuitous path to some degree of awakening or liberation from the programming of the mind. The title poem, Until it happens to you, is shown below.

In sharing this deeply personal journey, my hope is that it provide comfort for anyone in the midst of their own grieving, that they may know that given patience and courage, there is indeed light on the other side.



Until it happens to you

Until your heart is broken-open, and emotional shrapnel sears your blood;
Until simple truths dissolve your knowledge, and your tears, days they flood;
Until your body is harshly shaken, and awakened from the dream;

Until your wounds meet open daylight and you fall to your knees and scream;
Until defeats are humbly treasured; and you see the world’s suffering as your own;
Until disillusionment is no longer a stranger and your sorrow becomes known;

Until sitting in silence is cherished and you’re fed by Mother Earth;
Until you see the coherence in everything; and with every death, a birth.
Until the water you drink becomes holy, and the sound of your breath your guide;
Until you allow life to live you,
because you take everything in stride.

You will not be free.

©Mayra Porrata, 2019, Until it happens to you
Soul Publishing Group

Your Higher Intelligence

For anyone with an interest in emotional intelligence (personally or professionally), this is a copy of a presentation given last week. Titled Your Higher Intelligence, the content was prepared for supporting educators bolster this important aspect of health and well-being for themselves and the students they serve. Check it out and feel free to share, use, or adapt.

We are all grieving

As I gently navigate life through these days of acute grief, I've come to realize the excruciating pain and fear so many people live with.

Maybe they're conscious of it, maybe not. Even I, was thoroughly unaware of the generational grief I've carried in the form of ideas and beliefs about the way life is, or at least, how it was supposed to be.

Dissecting and discerning fiction from truth can be a tedious and life-long process, but one that can be neutralized, perhaps even transcended by something catastrophic, or perhaps even something subtle and beautiful, or maybe both.

My 'catastrophe', the one that broke my heart wide-open, not only rendered my mind incompetent, but it provided me with a new set of keys; the most important one of these unlocked my heart's eye fully. Seeing with my heart, instead of my mind, is something I never imagined, but I suspect many people on our planet are beginning to "see" this way too.

Important it is…

Important it is
to breathe in grace
each morning,
to feel living grace
as reality.

For into graceful flow entering,
I begin to hear resonance, given me
since the beginning; reminded
that such voice is closer to reality,
the truth of who I am, the pulse
between soul and spirit.

Blessed then, my eyes to see
more clearly in the oneness,
the story of which I am a small part;
a part nonetheless,
and often without even knowing so,
an important part to one …

The threads of reality, seen through
the clear lens of movement, weave
for the one seeing
a depiction of belonging.

In such flow is grace,
blessed connection from
what is, now.

-J. Brunson

Endings and beginnings

Some endings are easy and welcomed, some are painful and dreadful. Regardless, new beginnings arise, and with them new vistas and possibilities.

If 2018 was hard and painful for you, take refuge in knowing that it's almost over! If 2018 was growthful and pleasant, take refuge in knowing that there is more to come!

From all of us at Soul Publishing Group, we wish you continued strength, comfort, and courage with the 'endings and beginnings' in your own journey.

Creating learning communities

Have you forgotten that we are ALL learning and evolving on this orbiting rock of water and soil called Earth? Can you imagine a more loving, civil, and compassionate community, city, country, and world? Congratulations, you've been promoted!