Mayra Porrata

Hello! I'm the founder of Soul Publishing Group, my name is Mayra Porrata.

Although I've worn many hats in my career, and have worked on many diverse projects, the one thread that runs through them all is my desire to raise awareness (consciousness) in order to promote individual and community flourishing.

Even in my corporate days, education and publishing played a key role in many of the projects I led...and this carried on to my contract work days as a freelancer....then to my desire to write and publish my own books...then other people's books....and now here I/we are!

My books can best be described as lifespan books that promote social-emotional intelligence and our common humanity. My journals are all about self-care and contemplative practices well-known to promote personal leadership (responsibility), self-regulation, and ultimately personal peace.

If you're seeking coaching, support, or technical/professional assistance for your publishing needs orĀ  project, please don't hesitate to reach out.