Flourishing is both a mindset, as well as the outcomes from practices and activities that uphold personal health, productivity, and well-being. For many of us, the notion of flourishing is a new concept. Our association with the term may be linked to living systems, flower gardens, or other people, but certainly not us/ourselves! (Spring 2019 Catalog)

All that sounds nice, right? But how do we actually get there? How do we wade through what seems like insurmountable challenges and actually arrive at a place of personal peace and flourishing?

The short answer is we get there one step and choice at a time. To do this, we also need social support, ongoing nourishment, and vast amounts of kindness.

All of us at Soul Publishing Group are each wading, learning, supporting, and nourishing ourselves, our families/loved ones, and one another through our ongoing commitment to our humanity and soul-work.

Now, we're creating an outreach ministry of sorts, the creation of a Flourishing Group, and a monthly newsletter to inspire you (and us) in this unfolding we call our work.

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*FLOURISHING NEWSLETTER 2019 publication and live discussion theme:

MAY | A return to "noble work"

JUNE | In the service of serving

JULY  | Scavenger hunt for the soul

AUGUST | Vacation where you live

SEPTEMBER | Books that changed us

OCTOBER | In celebration of "failures"

NOVEMBER | Gratitude, kindness & sharing economies


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